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A Conspiracy
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An Embrace
of Hope (1990)

The Struggle
Continues (1998)


The "Human Rights Concerts" were attended in-person by over one and quarter million people! That's over 1,250,000!!!

  • 150,000 people attended the six "A Conspiracy Of Hope" concerts in the USA in 1986.

  • 100,000 people attended the "An Embrace Of Hope" concert in Santiago, Chile in 1990.

  • 16,000 people attended the "The Struggle Continues..." concert in Paris, France in 1998.

  • And over ONE MILLION people attended the twenty "Human Rights Now!" concerts in 1988.

And because these concerts were all broadcast on TV and radio they were enjoyed at home by tens of millions more around the world. An estimated total of over 30 million people saw the 1986, 1988 and 1998 concerts on TV in the US and UK alone. And the 1990 concert was seen live throughout Latin America and Spain by an estimated total of 25 million viewers!

Please email your memories of enjoying the concerts live, on TV or on radio! Also send any photographs you have or scans of tickets and newspapers and magazine articles about the concerts. Please give your name and hometown.

This website will reprint your memories and any photos or images you attach. Your name will be listed - but your email address will be kept private and will NOT be listed.

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